Release the Interagrupación de Fallas by the accusations of the President of JCF

given the seriousness of the events in the &number;last d’s re&number;nen of urgency in the night of yesterday the presidents of the various groups to analyze the situation’re made by taking the decision’n to issue the following statement to clarify the following points.

-The interagrupaci’n de fallas of Valencia is the entity apolítica that brings together all existing partnerships and represents the large majority’of commissions recorded in the Central Board Fallera and its fallas. Your &number;nico goal is to work for all and become their voice, seeking at all times the benefit of the feast that unites us: Fallas. It is for this reason that we want to thank you for the samples of support received these &number;last días by the presidents of Falla on the basis of the work performed by the entity and by the attitude adopted to manage the situation’ve generated.

-As the college’n to which belong the fallas of any kind or condition’re our year’n sá always the search for a consensus and find a space where all have a place and feel represented, which is why we did not go in our c’I say to reject the diálogo and enliven the confrontaci’n, but we're not going to consent to ning&number;n mode and come who come who are missing the respect, as it has been done, all that work altruistically for taking forward our party from the boards of the commissions. Democracy in the Fallas is the fundamental basis of their existence, and who question not known absolutely its operation. The Fallas have been and will be an example of democracy, of solidarity and of commitment with the valencian society, with their customs and traditions.

-At this point we want to express our deep malaise as a result of the serious allegations made by the councillor for culture, festive, Pere Fuset, both in the press and on different media of communication’n, accusing the bank and its board of directors to be the cause of this situation’re to which we have been destined, which we affirm emphatically state that it is false. We ask that you reconsider, that build the necessary bridges to restore the diálogo, and the relationships that both have deteriorated, and we invite you to the reflection for all’n to reconsider its position and assume its responsibility as president of the Junta Central Fallera, returning to preside over plenary sessions and assemblies listening to the voice of their fallas.

-A few díace is present’ record of entry of the Valencia city Council a letter addressed to the ex officio president of the Junta Central Fallera, Joan Rib’, where he listed a series of demands sought by the falleros, the &field;nica contestaci’re up to date has been the call for a meeting’n private, to which l’geologically formed, and in response to the request’n of the signatories, not the debímasters to attend to that did not hear directly the voice of the fallas and give them the explanations needed. Given this fact, we cannot más that to insist again on the claim, and to the day’n of helplessness in the current we request that if the alderman of festive culture insists on its position and it is not with forces to assume their responsibility within the área which was assigned, we ask that you take you to yours, and act&field and causing its cessation and to appoint another person to the government team and therefore belonging to the corporaci’n municipal. The Fallas need a responsible person that meets the demands of the falleros, and above all not to hide and listen to us. It is necessary that the city Council is to accelerate the concesi’re the permissions, is to improve the municipal services, streamline the payment of grants, negotiate the date of the erection of the tents and many other problems that concern us and that with the day’n current are impossible-to-resolve.

-We were waiting for our ex officio president, Sr. Rib’, we place, to explain why we have arrived at this situation’n and to attend to the collective festive más largest city, the true engine econ’mico of the same.

the Jes&number;s Hernández Motes President of the Interagrupaci’n de fallas of Valencia

Release the Interagrupación de Fallas by the accusations of the President of JCF

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