Release the Interagrupación de Fallas respect to the sociological study presented today

According to the publication made in various media of communication about the study carried out on a sample of fallas whose results has been presented in the day today the councillor of culture festive, Interagrupación de fallas of Valencia wishes to manifest the following:

-As reported in the documents submitted for registration of entrance to the city Hall of Valencia, we do not recognize the results of such a study without knowing the intentionality of the same, we denounce in this day the alleged irregularities were committed during the regular conduct of the survey, and we reiterate in the non-use of them.

-The fallas also belong to the collective of neighbors, and in consequence we try to promote always the coexistence between all the citizens to comply scrupulously with the strict regulations that we are required to perform any type of celebration or activity in the public way. Our standing with the associations of neighbors is and has been to be open to the dialog to treat those issues that could harm the collective by providing improvement solutions to alleviate the discomfort that can cause a festival of this magnitude.

-We reject the use who has made the newspaper Levante- El Mercantil Valenciano and various politics about the results of the study to promote the controversy and confrontation between falleros and not falleros sparking a reaction of reviews, insults and protests towards the fallas. We express our disgust with such facts, we are not willing to consent to this type of attack and is going to be put in the hands of professionals all the information gathered to take the measures that we believe are appropriate.

-Before the day drop-and indefense suffering in these moments the world of the fallas, we ask for the still to the president of the Junta Central Fallera and the rest of politicians that take cards in the matter and know how to defend the honor of a collective apolitical where it should be people of any ideology, which is an engine economical to the city, bringing wealth and which has primacy always your spiit coexistence above all else.

Jesús Hernández Motes President of the Interagrupación de fallas of Valencia

Release the Interagrupación de Fallas respect to the sociological study presented today

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