Statement of press Interagrupacion #FallesUnesco

Valencia, November 30, 2016

Today is a day historical for our party, after many years of work in silence, them Fallas have received with joy the greater recognition world to which can suck, be considered by it UNESCO as heritage intangible cultural of the humanity, something that certainly deserved by foster the cohesion social between them citizens of a same city and by the recovery and defense of it culture Valencian. Many congratulations to the thousands of Falla and falleras both of Valencia capital as of all the populations of our community where is celebrates our party more international.

Want to thank to which do possible that year after year the Fallas grow and continue to live, without the work of all and each one of you would be impossible that them Fallas exist. Finally that work selfless has its rewards to the reach such consideration international.

Thanks also to the promoters of the idea, Jorge Guarro, the editorial team of the record and Félix Crespo, Paco Lledó by continue commitment to she and Pere Fuset by top slaughter it and achieve the goal that was initially raised at the beginning of formalities.

Finally thank to the Mayor Joan Ribo its detail to the lower of its office when was warned of that us were in the square a representation of them institutions falleras for perform a photography of support to the candidacy and celebrate next to us so pleasant news.

This afternoon representatives of the Interagrupacion, of the College of the art greater of the silk, of them federations of 1ªA and special, of the circle of opinion and delegates of sector have staged our union to put of manifest our joy and commit us to work jointly by them Fallas facing the future.

Jesus Hernandez mottoes
President of the Interagrupacion of Fallas of Valencia

Statement of press Interagrupacion #FallesUnesco Statement of press Interagrupacion #FallesUnesco

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