Statement of the Interagrupacion of Fallas by the reduction in the grant for lighting

Following the communication by the festivals and Popular culture Councillor and Chairman of Board Central Fallera, D. Pere Fuset, in the plenary of the Board Central Fallera held last Tuesday, September 22, which indicated that grant's lighting is reduced, the Valencia Fallas Interagrupacion, as an umbrella of most commissions of the City entity , and in his name that subscribes, Jesus Hernandez Motes, current President of the same, we want to express our total disconformidady rejection of the above-mentioned measure announced on the basis of the following:

1. at the meeting we held with the Group political commitment, before municipal elections, in the headquarters of the party, and in the presence of the current parties and Popular culture, D. Pere Fuset, Councillor and advisers who were with him, with part of the collective Fallas, has indicated his intention keep subsidies as they were for this exercise Fallero , and not to make any changes in this regard.

2. always be has informed us, that the intention of the current Government team would be dialogue and consensus decisions. Our surprise, also aggrieved with lasconsiguientes negative consequences in this regard, is that, in this case, the decision of the descent of the grant corresponding to the lighting, not is has agreed connadie.

3 Fallas, through previous government teams, have already suffered declines in these areas, and away from the fight and try to retrieve the source of it, and susporcentajes, still down, which, obviously, does not help to Fallas, or trade, or hospitality, among others.

Serve as an example the own Councillor D. Pere Fuset words saying: "1 Euro to Mascletás, affects 20 Euros to hospitality". And from here anadimosque with lighting in several areas of the city, these numbers are increased more than.

4. our intention, as unifying most of the Valencia Fallas commissions establishment, is that they understand that the decrease of this grant, and more ahoradonde are already signed corresponding contracts with undertakings, and no possibility of turning back, poses serious economic damage to the collective Fallas, and we see it damaging to the party.

It is for all these reasons that we ask not to apply the measure announced, and this exercise Faller, as we indicated at the time, remaining subsidies as they were, ypor therefore lighting grant stays as is.

The Interagrupacion of Fallas of Valencia, as it could not be otherwise, we are open to dialogue and reach a consensus with Fallera Central Board in everything what they tell us, and obviously, in order to main improvement and benefit of what everyone unites us and work every day why: LAS FALLAS!

Statement of the Interagrupacion of Fallas by the reduction in the grant for lighting

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