TABAL Music Awards 2015 of the Santa Maria Micaela-Martin the humane

Falla Santa Maria Micaela - Martín el Humano

The Commission de Falla Santa Maria Micaela – Martin the humane, in General meeting held the day 10 November, decided to pay the award to the 2015 TABAL MUSIC SECTION of LIBRETTI DE FALLA DE LO RAT PENAT, as a recognition of his great work extolling, cultivating and spreading the Valencian Language to the middle of the first contest of Scripts, part of the popular literature.

This prize, in its 10th Edition, will be delivered the next Thursday November 19th at 8 pm in a ceremony that will be held in our House with a "Wine of Honor" and presentation of our Fallas 2016.

HistoricTabal Music Awards:

TABAL music 2006.-radio programme "the other" New radio

TABAL music 2007.-José Luís López, advocate and sponsor of Valencian Pilota

TABAL music 2008.-José Ballester, sculptor and artiste faller.

TABAL music 2009.-Festival of the song of the old woman of the Falla Mat Pça. of the tree.

TABAL music 2010.-José Martínez Mollá be, artiste faller.

TABAL music 2011.-Félix Crespo Hellín, Councillor for parties and Popular culture and President of J.C.F. 2003-2011

TABAL music 2012
.-Antonio Badia Meneses, President Fails Azcarraga – Ferdinand the Catholic in 2007.

TABAL music 2013.-radio programme "Hoarding" and its director In Alejandro García

TABAL music 2014.-Vicente Almela Caballé, artiste faller.

TABAL Music Awards 2015 of the Santa Maria Micaela-Martin the humane

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