The call marks the beginning of the Fallas 2015 in alboraya

The fallers and residents of Alboraya fill the Plaza del Carmen in the town to enjoy the call.

Alboraya is already in Flaws. The call and the opening of the exhibition of the Snowman marked the official start of the Fallas by 2015.

Yolanda Sánchez, Silvia Esteve, Andrea Soriano, Rebeca López, Olaya Vicente, Laura and Jessica Martínez Gálvez, the seven falleres over each of the Flaws of the municipality encouraged to shout "long live, long live Alboraya Valencia and that Viva Las Fallas" in all the fallers and neighbors to enjoy and participate in the Festival.

The Mayor of alboraya, Miguel Chavarria, accompanied during the event to all the falleres in alboraya and in his speech, between Valencian verses and rhymes extolled the role of the party fallera in the municipality.

Plaza del Carmen in alboraya turned during the morning of Sunday 22 February at the nerve centre of the falleres committees where they met all to receive with enthusiasm the call fallera this year.

As is tradition, after the call, all the commissions in alboraya, Port Saplaya and Patacona went to la Casa del Comte Zanoguera for the exhibition of the ' Snowman ', next to the first Councillor of the municipality, the Government team and members of the Local Board the Fallera.

Here you can bequeath the speech of the Mayor, Miguel Chavarria:

Alboraiers and alboraieres,

Fallers and falleres

Now at the moment!

Open doors and Windows in the Sun!

Need to escape the cold and the darkness

burn concerns at the stake

and receive last spring!

Falleres of Alboraya,

It's time for your role

Come all and all Small and large

Eixiu on the street that we have to live the party,

take part willingly and with harmony,

that the Falla in the neighborhood you will find music, friends and joy!

Alboraiers, alboraieres

Falleres, Fallers

Welcome each and everyone to the Fallas of 2015!

Viva Alboraya!

The call marks the beginning of the Fallas 2015 in alboraya The call marks the beginning of the Fallas 2015 in alboraya

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