The contest of children's presentations

FIRST prize to - Noelia Morio (L'Antiga de Campanar)
Second Prize to - Claudia Polo Ferrer (Ripalda - Sogueros)
THIRD prize - Lucia Navarro Atienza (Arq. Olaechea - Sant Marcel.lí)

FIRST prize-Marco Monleón (L'Antiga de Campanar)
SECOND prize A - Fernando Viana Muñoz (Ripalda - Sogueros)
THIRD prize - Armand Camps Esteve (Arq. Olaechea - Sant Marcel.lí)

BEST direction - Vicente Lopez (Arq. Olaechea - Sant Marcel.lí)

FIRST prize-Arquebisbe Olaechea - Sant Marcel.lí
SECOND prize-L'Antiga de Campanar
THIRD prize-Cra. Målilla - Enginyer Joaquim Benlloch
FOURTH prize-Cra. Sant Lluis - Avinguda Dr. Waskman
FIFTH prize-Ripalda - Sogueros
Sixth Prize-Actor Mora - Avinguda Constitució

1st Runner-up-Sant Ignasi de Loiola - Jesus and Maria
2nd Runner-up-Nord - Dr. Zamenhoff
3rd runner-up-Sant Josep de la Muntanya - Terol

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