The craftsman Guild of artists Falleros wants to charge us for to publicize their work

Due to the intention of the Guild craftsman of Falleros artists perceive economic compensation for all those images of works by their artists, we are forced to remove any image that appears a sketch or ninot.

However, and as indicated in the article 35 of the law of intellectual property, if we can show photos of Fallas, since these are find in public.

Article 35. Use of works located on public roads.

Works permanently located in parks, streets, squares or other public roads may be reproduced, distributed and communicated freely through paintings, drawings, photographs and audiovisual procedures.

We will only show works by those artists who give us consent in writing or that do not belong to dichjo Guild

Here we show the artists Falleros craftsman Guild press release (we have omitted your logo if they also want us cobrear copyright by it)


Falla artists are the genuine authors of sketches, models and Fallas so it's automatically have the legitimate ownership of the exploitation rights recognized by the law of intellectual property, arising from its creation.

Guild craftsman artists Falleros in Valencia, aware of this reality, understand necessary that part of the resources generated by the exploitation of sketches, models, and images of Fallas have reverse in its authors, legitimate owners of intellectual property rights, in order to enhance and ensure the survival of this cultural phenomenon that represents usas well as the future of the Falla workshops.

The activity of the Falla artists, impregnated of creativity beyond doubt, contributes to our parties the fundamental element on which is based the event par excellence of the Valencians: Falla.

Our party, recognized internationally, pending however consideration as Intangible Cultural heritage of the humanity by UNESCO, provides plenty of resources to our geography, helping to boost tourism and therefore our economy, increasing each year substantially the cultural heritage of the Valencians.

The oneness between the artwork and the object or support gives which is incorporated to this a special characteristic in relation to other works of intellectual creation. However this does not prevent the proper management of the economic rights that the law recognizes the creators, both exclusive rights (reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation) which confer exclusive authors the ability to authorize, or not, the reproduction of their works, their distribution or communication to the public of these reproductions, as a simple remuneration rights.

For all the aims here exposed, the craftsman Guild artists Falleros from Valencia to, perceive all those rights derived from the intellectual property of the works of its members, using the path of dialogue, consensus and social awareness of the necessary respect for the works of creation of any type.

The company WHOSE IP AGENCY, agency of intellectual property, specialist in intellectual property law, will represent the Guild and its partners in this fair and necessary initiative.

Whose, with extensive experience in the representation, management and defense of rights of intellectual property of all types, offers all members advice, management and training services to authors, artists and producers, constituting its main area of activity, the Administration and protection of the creative heritage.

From this moment in the section "monuments" of each Commission will show this text. In addition to removing any ninot which may appear.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will continue showing images of Fallas in the street, Fallas, falleros, acts, pyrotechnics, etc. Because the least mind us Fallas are also sketches, which in most cases any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence.

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