The different federations musical of the community Valencian unite efforts

An amendment of 1,100,000 euros to the budgets of the Generalitat Valenciana will allow to start a programme of collaboration between more than 2,000 groups of music

The federations of musical societies, of "drummers i Tabaleters", choirs and Folklore of the Valencian Community together for broadcast and interrelation of the Valencian artists

Valencia, November 30, 2016

Thirteen years ago, that was born the Campana of musical exchanges, a program created by the Federation of music societies of Valencia and the Valencian Institute of music for the purpose of spreading the talent of Valencian musicians and promote their interaction through a series of concerts organized in different parts of the Valencian geography in which participating bands initially. Over time the campaign became an opportunity to show their work to about 1,700 artistic formations that are included in this group.

Since 2005, the Generalitat Valenciana has supported the initiative of the FSMCV. And, a time showed his paper unifying and of diffuser cultural, the collective raised the last year that had arrived the time of expand it, giving space to other manifestations artistic strongly rooted in the tradition cultural Valencian.

On the occasion of the presentation of amendments to them budgets of it GV, it FSMCV prompted a find with it Federation Valencian of drummers i Tabaleters (FVDIT), the Federation of choirs of it CV (FECOCOVA) and the Federation of Folklore of it CV (FOLKLORECV) in which is subscribed to them conditions for create a new model of this campaign of Exchange , with shows that include the performance of members of each an of the federations: bands and orchestras of music, them choirs, the formations of dance and rondalla and them of dolçaina i tabal. This initiative is has seen supported by an amendment to the budgets of the GV presented by the group can of them cuts Valencian in name of the tripartite, that would count with the support of the party Popular and of citizens.

As said by Pedro Rodríguez, President of the FSCMV, "the purpose of this agreement is to unite efforts to give visibility and contribute to the interrelation of a total of 2.049 artistic formations distributed throughout the community, that with the new model could participate in this campaign performances, scheduled between May and October of 2017"

Should be noted that it FSMCV brings to 547 societies musical with 1686 formations artistic (1,075 bands, 174 orchestras, 233 choirs, 133 groups of camera, 52 big bands and 19 groups of dolçaina i tabal). To them would be 180 choirs of the Federation of choirs, 140 formations of Folklore and the 84 of the drummers i Tabaleters.

The FSMCV presented to all the political groups last week their demands in front of the budgets of the Generalitat. The party Popular said, and led to the practice, that would support with amendments own all and each an of them. Can, perhaps in name of the tripartite, presented two amendments, an of which originated this possibility of collaboration between the four federations. For his part, citizens is showed willing to support these latest.

All the Presidents of the federations involved in the agreement have expressed the desire that this program is a first step that makes possible new ways of collaboration, not only in trade but in deep-water projects that advance a joint line of action for the enrichment of the Valencian artistic formations.

Foot of photo:
From left to right: José Ramon Peinado, President of the FFCV, Pedro Rodríguez, President of the FSMCV, Juanjo Trilles, President of the FVDIT and Manuel Pérez, Vice President of FECOCOVA.

The different federations musical of the community Valencian unite efforts

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