The Falla band Olivereta tribute to the candidates to Fallera Mayor of Valencia 2017

Smiling, eager and happy. So were the candidates for Valencia's biggest Faller of the Band Olivereta, just before the start of the tribute to the grouping of Fallas Olivereta, held the evening of Friday, July 1 in the artist Faller lounge.

The night was perfect, after the reception of the candidates for ten in the evening, the gala dinner started.

Good atmosphere accompanied the applicants that, starting from midnight, began to March toward the dream that some of them become reality on 22 July, day of the Sector Olivereta preselection.

350 attendees, could admire to them representatives sent by the commissions of the grouping Olivereta that not lost the occasion of applaud to each an of them candidates.
Them dresses of gala not left indifferent to nobody and them there was for all them tastes, from the simplicity of them colors cake, the red fire and the yellow of many of them that broke in several times of the night. However, the note predominantly was for the classic: the black, the gold and the white, as well as also prevailed those hairstyles collected.

Emotional moment was when the President of the Alumni Association, Celso Eslava Javier del Río, approached the candidates in reference to the unique and unrepeatable moments spent with them "that we hope to have been able to contribute in their personal wealth and that can serve them to develop the best ways in their already next preset" said.

After the ceremony, attendees took the opportunity to speak and talk with the candidates as well as to make an infinite number of photographs taking advantage of this special moment.

The Falla band Olivereta tribute to the candidates to Fallera Mayor of Valencia 2017

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