The Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzati presented their projects to Fallas 2018

Falla San Vicente - Periodista Azzatti

The Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzati kicks off the month of December with the act’n in society of the two projects-plantá pr’ximo month of march in his demarcaci’n: the “SupercalifragilisticoespialidosoVicent Martínez Appearance, and the “Tipogr&aggravation;fics&Rsquo;scar Villada.

In particular, the pr’ximo Sunday, December 3, at 11 o'clock, Martínez Aparici presentá the members of the Commission’re the various scenes that formán part of a monument that is very expected in the demarcaci’re. The world of Mary Poppins serves as a link com&number;n interpretaci’re the artist of the children's stories.

in The same way, &Rsquo;scar Villada will be moving to the Commission’n Child the magic of the Tipografía, with a variety of fonts and colors that are sure to impress all those present. In memory of all insurance that está the first prize of Secci’re Second to the artist himself it was possible’ at the crossing of Arzobispo Mayoral and Journalist Azzati in the a&bath;or 2013.

After finishing the act’n of the projects are to proceedá to the signature protocol of both contracts of the respective artists, presidents, and Falleras Mayores, in an act that promises several surprises for attendees.

With the aim of giving greater repercusi’n to this activity in the full heart’n of Valencia, the program The Catafalque Faller is performingá alsoén in the Casal Xe, with the presence of the fellow members usual. Así, all the fallas fans to the monument, couldán know, first hand, qué contemplateán in the streets of the demarcaci’re the pr’ximo march 15, and couldán listen directly to the initiatives that the Commission’n has designed&bath;ado for the present exercise.

The Falla San Vicente-Journalist Azzati presented their projects to Fallas 2018

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