The Falla Trinitat Alboraia celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the commission for children and his h

Falla Trinidad - Alboraya

The Association’n Cultural Falla Trinitat Alboraia held this Sunday, December 3, the act of conmemoraci’n of its 50th Anniversary as a Commission’re Children and your Hymn.

the event will haveá place in the Cultural Center of the Charity (Sala Alfonso el Magnánimo) on 3 December 10.15 am and beá chaired by the Fallera mayor Infantil 2018, Rachel Ganau Giner, the President of Child, Sergi Cause&aggravate;s Parra, the Fallera Mayor 2018, Rachel Guillot Giménez, and the President of the Commission’n Antonio Cherino Talens.

The Anniversary giveá beginning with the presence of the Court of Honor and the Fallera mayor Infantil of Valencia. We offerá a concert of the hands of the Band of M&number;sica Jove de Benimaclet directed by Enrique Barrachina. Between the different pieces are listening toán in the first part emphasizes “The Fallero” to beá sung by the tenor soloist, Pasqual Vicent Andreu.

After you finish the first part of the concert was to appointá all of the Falleras Mayores Child and Presidents Child of the commission’n to those who deliverá badge of honorífica of the Anniversary of the Commission’n Child, así as to the components of the commission’n have belonged to the Court of Honor of the Fallera mayor Infantil of Valencia, Blanca Pellicer Gr&aggravate;cia in 1993,  Mireia Piris i Maicas in 2001 and Marta Estornell of the Vi&bath;to these Miss 2018, and the two Falleras Mayores Child of Valencia, which has the great luck of having Trinitat Alboraia, Lorena Cervera Peris in 1994 and Alba Cervera Peris in 2002.

the second part is to listená the Hymn of Trinitat Alboraia interpreted by the tenor Pasqual Vicent Andreu. The original lyrics of the Hymn is a paso doble written by Luis G’mez - Gutierrez Otero in 1968 and that más afternoon, in the a&bath;or 1987, it was adapted by Miguel Vicente Llopis Bernat. On the occasion of the conmemoraci’n this 50th anniversary of the Hymn the Commission’re brand newá a march for the official acts of their Falleras Mayores (composed by David Rivas i Domínguez. A project that you have been able to make reality this a&bath;or in celebrating a double Anniversary.

The act of conmemoraci’n concludeá with a wine of honor for all attendees.

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