The Grouping of Fallas Maritime exalted their Falleras Mayores for the Fallas 2018

On the afternoon of Saturday, February 3, the Grouping Fallas by the Sea held in the Palau de la Música of Valencia, the Exaltation of their Falleras Mayores (2018. The 46 committees that make up the Grouping, gathered in the iconic Sala Iturbi to live this act so designated.

Came to the Exaltation of Joseph, Mary's Boy, the Deputy for Valencia in the Popular Group and President International Network by UNESCO, the Silk road, the Councilor of the Group of Citizens in the City of Valencia, Amparo Pico, the Secretary-General of the Interagrupación de Fallas of Valencia, Juan Bosco Miquel, the Head of Information Technology of the Port Authority of Valencia, José Manuel García, as well as Officers of the Board Most of the Semana Santa Marinera in Valencia and Delegates of Sector, among others.

The President of the Group, Pepe Pastor, along with the Maintainer of the Act, July Tormo, were made the official receipt to the Falleras Mayores of the various committees of the Grouping.

Started the Act with the representation of the musical MEMORIES OF BROADWAY, where under the direction of Julian Carabantes, a group of falleras and falleros were the delight of everyone present with his performance full of good music, fun and, above all, a desire to please the audience there gave appointment.

Accompanied by their Presidents, the representatives of each commission had its moment of glory on stage, where they were received by President Pepe Pastor, and were, like the Presidents/is that what are for the first time in their respective Committees, both adults and children, the badge corresponding to an emotional event that is based more in the feeling fallas, in the sum of all of them.

At the same attended Falleras Mayores of Valencia, Rocio Gil and Daniela Gómez, who received the Silver Insignia of the Grouping, imposed by the President, who also served as host to accompany at all times to our top representatives, as well as to their respective Courts of Honor.

This visit was very special for the component of the Court of Honor Child, the girl, Marie Querol, and miss Silvia Vicent, component of the Court of Honor, being received with great affection by the components of Grouping, who wanted to be a great year representing our party. In addition, they received the well-deserved recognition with the silver insignia of the Grouping and a picture memorial.

A great quote required a great Maintainer, and who better than Julio Tormo, person who knows first-hand of the fallas festival, to devote a few words full of emotion and affection for girls and young ladies that in the present financial year, are living a dream fallero, to be the highest representatives of their respective commissions.

He then took delivery of the V Prizes Pepe Chiral granted to those persons or entities that uphold the values valencian people, the culture, the language, and above all our fallas festival as it was Pepe Chiral, being the winners in this edition Ximo Marti Francisco and Vicente Manuel Bayarri Bellver, who visibly excited, thanked the Presidents and Presidents-grant of the said Award, recalling the memory of Pepe Chiral and directed to present a few words of thanks full of emotion and feeling fallas.

Then took place the distribution of rewards from the pool, with the imposition of Badges of Silver to Felipe Aguilar Velert, President of the Falla Progrés – Teatre de La Marina, Enrique Martí Zurilla, fallas of the Commission Rubén Darío - Fray Luis Colomer, Fernando Beltran Brández, of the Commission J. J. Dómine – Port, Javier Valero Marquis, of the Commission Rosari – Plaça Calabuig and Angel Vicente Martinez Sancho, of the Commission Avda.Tarongers – Universitat Politècnica – Camí de Vera.

By agreement of the Assembly of Presidents of the Grouping Fallas by the Sea, was awarded, in recognition of her work for the fallas festival, the Silver Insignia of Francisco de Paula Martínez Alabau, of the Commission of the Barracks – Espadán, and gave the maximum distinction of the Grouping, the Badge of Gold, to Francisco Aleixandre Antequera, of the Commission Major-Moraira – Natzaret.

As a finishing touch to the evening, the President, Pepe Pastor, addressed a few words to all the Falleras Mayores and Presidents/is there present, and to the world fallas in general, and wished all to enjoy the stunning Fallas 2018.

Closed the Act with the interpretation of our Anthem Regional.

Photos: Noli Garcia

The Grouping of Fallas Maritime exalted their Falleras Mayores for the Fallas 2018 The Grouping of Fallas Maritime exalted their Falleras Mayores for the Fallas 2018 The Grouping of Fallas Maritime exalted their Falleras Mayores for the Fallas 2018 The Grouping of Fallas Maritime exalted their Falleras Mayores for the Fallas 2018 The Grouping of Fallas Maritime exalted their Falleras Mayores for the Fallas 2018

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