The San Vicente-Periodista Azzati Falla already has President and children's artist to the 2018 Fall

Falla San Vicente - Periodista Azzatti

The Falla San Vicente-Periodista Azzati chose Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Solivares as a child President of the Commission for the Fallas exercise 17-18 by unanimity, in the course of the extraordinary General meeting which was held on the evening of Friday, April 7.

As it has become traditional, and following the election of the new child President, the head of the Commission, José Luis Cuenca, telephoned Miguel Ángel and told him the news, indicating that all the falleros were sure that was going to play the position with a great enthusiasm.

Miguel Ángel said before the entire Committee that he listened to him in the Casal which "much appreciated that they had elected him to that position and that he would try that a great year was for the Falla and San Vicente". He also insisted on congratulating Raúl Solivares, Mario García and Marco Lopez, who were his predecessors in office and expressed his desire to "do it as well as them".

New child President put the note of humor when he interrupted the President to ask him to "when choose the Fallera Mayor Infantil, that is a good pretty girl". Finally, ended his speech with a "Vixca la Falla San Vicente-Periodista Azzati" which was applauded by the audience.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez Solivares relieves Marco López Sanz as a child President and joins an extensive list of 40 children who have held the highest position of the child Commission since it was created as it currently exists in the year 1961.

On the other hand, the Committee on child is very excited by the election of Óscar Villada as artist for the monument to be planted at the junction of journalist Azzati and Archbishop Mayoral Fallas of 2018.

For the Vice President's regime inside, Juan Francisco Solivares, "the signing of Villada is great news for the Commission, because in 2013 he got a first prize in the second section and a first prize of wit and grace that can not forget. After that historic double, it has always had the door open of this Falla and when it has emerged the possibility we have not hesitated to bet on it."

For his part, Nuria Comes, Vice President of children's and juvenile has congratulated Miguel Angel Rodriguez on his appointment and has ensured that the children's section is experiencing one of its best times: "is increasing the census, children enjoy the activities, the parade is growing in our Committee and in addition, we have managed to return one of the artists who have left best memory after planting on our streets". 2018 for the boys and girls of San Vicente-Periodista Azzati is spectacular.

The San Vicente-Periodista Azzati Falla already has President and children's artist to the 2018 Fall The San Vicente-Periodista Azzati Falla already has President and children's artist to the 2018 Fall

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