The sea presented his sketches of the 2016 Fallas

The committees Grouping of Fallas of the marine components presented Thursday, January 21, in the Museum of the Royal Dockyards of el Grao, projects that will plant in their constituencies. 45 commissions unveiled so one of the big secrets.

In this way are already known the monuments that will look in the streets of the maritime area of the city of Valencia.

The event began when Alicia Moreno, Fallera Mayor of Valencia, belonging to this group, along with the Councillor of festive culture, Pere Fusset, cut the Ribbon. Once opened the exhibition, the highest representatives of each of the commissions posed before their projects next to Alicia and Pere, and with the President of the grouping of Fallas of the maritime, Manuel Aradilla, to become a formal photo. The Court of Honor of Alicia also attended this event, where one of its components, María Bernabeu, belongs to this group. The Act also attended the Vice-Chairpersons of the Board Central Fallera, Merche's Guide and José Manuel Acosta, and the councilor of the citizens group in the city of Valencia, Under peak, as well as the President of the Board most of the week Santa Marinera of Valencia, Francisco Carles, along with members of its Board.

Then, and now with the presence also of the Fallera Mayor Infantil de Valencia, Sofia Soler, along with his Court of Honor, in which there are three components of this grouping:rene Gil, Alba Viller and Celia warsI, proceeded by Alice and Sofia, next to the President of the Association, to the awards of "Laboriositat i activity" ten commissions that have been deserving of the same , with this exercise the top honors in the commissions of Fallas Canelles Vidal - Sánchez Coello and the Falla just Vilar - market el Cabañal, respectively.

Sunday, January 24, at 11:00 o'clock, and in the same place, will take place the "Mostra de Balls Regionals" with the participation of dance groups of the Falla Dr. J.J. Domine - port, Yecla - Cardenal Benlloch, greater - Moraira - Nazareth, progress - Theatre La Marina, as well as groups of Tabal i dolçaina of the Fallas Yecla - Cardenal Benlloch and Justo Vilar - market el Cabañal. At the end of it, will be the closing of the exhibition of sketches.

Photographs: Miguel Garcia

The sea presented his sketches of the 2016 Fallas 1 The sea presented his sketches of the 2016 Fallas 2 The sea presented his sketches of the 2016 Fallas 3 The sea presented his sketches of the 2016 Fallas 4 The sea presented his sketches of the 2016 Fallas 5

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