Visitamos el taller de Òscar Villada

Falla Plaza del Pilar

Last Sunday, February 9 our children attended excited Òscar Villada workshop to learn as go escoleta of Sants ' Miracles' and share a day with our child artist.

Oscar preparing with enthusiasm his first Falla in the Plaza del Pilar, Falla to which, in the miracles miss class will see some nursery which are very familiar to us our "santitos"... San Jose, San Vicent, Santa Clara, and many others are discovering his gift in this special "escoleta".

With this activity, while enjoying a fun morning of Sunday, discovered the process by which a sketch to be the Falla that in little more than one month in the square.Children were amazed to see how parts of Cork become figures and after painting them are fantastic ninots.Oscar wanted to participate to our falleritos and falleritas leaving them to put some pieces in their definitive sites

Let Oscar work, and we left the workshop pleased with the deal and the work of our great child artist, excited with the fantastic child monument that we in 2014 Fallas... thank you Oscar! To want to see it already in the Plaza del Pilar!!

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