Winners of the III Edition of the awards Pepe Chiral

In Valencia, the 22 December 2015, met the jury established for this third edition and, after the assessment of all the aspects referred to in the submitted nominations, according to grant, unanimously, the III Awards Pepe Chiral d. Chimo Roig Quiles and Mrs. Alicia Moreno Morales.

The Awards Pepe Chiral are delivered annually by the Fallas of the maritime cluster, in the Act of his exaltation, to those individuals and entities deemed committed with Fallas and Valencian traditions.

Chimo Roig is Faller's Major Falla - Moraira - Nazareth, more than thirty years, so it is the possessor of the maximum reward Faller, the Bunyol d ́Or Brillants in Llorer Fulles i. During all these years has held various management positions, highlighting especially the seven years it served as the President of the Commission, years in which did a good job. His career fallera, their dedication to the promenade and the party in General makes him deserving of a lot of honors, prizes and awards:

Bunyol d ́Or Brillants in Llorer Fulles, logo i d ́Or grouping (imposed by Pepe Chiral), Parot d ́Honor com to "Faller of Any 1999" of the magazine thinking i Fet, award journal world Fallas "dedication fallera", Espurna d ́Or of the grouping's Fallas Centre "to Fallera trajectory", logo d ́Or career Faller of the grouping of Fallas L'horta Nord , Medal d ́Or de L'ajuntament de Tavernes Blanques, special Faller of the Poble, logo d ́Or Ajuntament d ́Albal, maintainer of the Queen of festivals, Premi Gegant of the grouping of Fallas of Benicalap - Campanar, logo silver Falla greater - Moraira, logo of silver Falla Aras de Alpuente - Castell de Pop, badge of silver Falla groups Virgen del Carmen, badge of silver Falla Manuel Candela - Avenue of the port , Silver logo fails arts and crafts - Actor Llorens, badge of silver Republic Argentina - Dr. Pallares Iranzo, silver logo fails fails architect Alfaro - Francisco Cubells, silver logo fails Canary Islands - Trafalgar - Samuel Ros, silver logo fails Ramiro de Maeztu - humanist Furio, silver logo fails Blocs Platja.

As well as the pretentious positions: Chairman of the group from the Falla of the 1994-2000, President of the VIII Congress Fallas of J.C.F. 2002, President of the greater Falla - Moraira - Nazareth 2005 to 2012, President of the II Congress Faller of the grouping of Fallas of the maritime.

Alicia, belongs to the fails Dr. Alvaro Lopez - San Juan de Dios, a Commission Faller in the seaside neighborhood of Valencia, SectorMalvarrosa-Cabanal - Betero and belonging to the Fallas of the maritime group.

Already got in September in the history of its Falla to be the first of its Commission elected as Court of Honor, and comenzariaa part of the history of Fallas, weeks later, to be named greater VALENCIA FALLERA 2016. Alice, who will soon receive Bunyol d'Or i Brillants in Llorer Fulles, was Fallera Mayor infantil in Dr. Álvaro López - San Juan de Dios, which is fallera from age eight in 1997. Previously it belonged, the Falla San Rafael - Anton Martin and there was from three to eight years. A life given over to his Commission, delegate of children, children Play-Back, making the Llibret, the presentation... a multifunctional fallera which has led to Dr. Álvaro López - San Juan de Dios, as a minimum, have been the first to be chosen as a Court of Honor, and in further consequence named our Fallera Mayor of Valencia 2016.


Falla of 45 committees forming the grouping of maritime Fallas have taken the decision to create "Els Premis Pepe Chiral", with the intention of achieving the following objectives:

to keep in the memory, the trajectory Pepe Chiral Montoro fallera, highlighting interest in having culture and the valoresvalencianos, and its commendable contribution to the world of shortcomings.

b rating to people or groups that have stood by those principles he advocated Chiral, recognized the Fallas world for the defense of culture, language and Valencian traditions.

c transmit through the group, the different values that these prizes are intended.
Design award: Santiago Diaz Winners of the III Edition of the awards Pepe Chiral Winners of the III Edition of the awards Pepe Chiral

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