Winners of the IV Edition Awards PEPE CHIRAL of the grouping of Fallas of the maritime

In Valencia, of December 12, 2016, met the jury established for this Fourth Edition and, after the assessment of all the aspects referred to in the submitted nominations, agrees to give the IV Awards Pepe Chiral D. José Vicente Ombuena Lucas and D. Juan Antonio Cortés Rosique.

The awards Pepe Chiral are delivered annually by the Fallas of the maritime group, in the Act of his exaltation, to those individuals and entities deemed committed with Fallas and Valencian traditions.

Joseph Ombuena is Faller of the progress Falla - Teatro La Marina, more than forty years, so it is holder of the maximum reward fallera, the Bunyol of ́Or i Brillants Llorer Fulles, as well as the Gold Badge of the Association. All these years he has held various management positions, like that at the grouping of Fallas of Maritimo, where he also served as Secretary General for the years 1996 and 1997, and Vice President during the years 1998 to 2000, being also a component of the Committee organizer of the centennial of the annexation of the sea to the city of Valencia. Member and collaborator of
Fallera Central Board: Delegate for culture for six years, delegate of publications, archive, censuses and libraries for a year, Board President of the VIII Congress Fallas and collaborator on Central Board book Faller "Falles, a Patrimoni Comú".

Faller worker, helpful, responsible and committed, dedicated fully, as he always says: "to the Festa del Món millor" and those who are part of it. Fallas with a great humanity which, for years, has attended countless commissions you falleras, inside and outside the maritime, humble way and desinterasada, always involved and collaborating in any event that you want to perform, bringing all his knowledge about the Fallas world. Fallas of our sea, our party lover and defender of what identifies us as Valencians. His career fallera, their dedication to the promenade and the party in general has made him be part of numerous collaborations, among which we highlight:

Collaborations literary, cultural and traditional Llibrets of the Falla Progreso-Teatro La Marina, notebooks-Platja, Avda Giorgeta-Roig de Corella, master Gozalbo-Conde Altea, Alberique-hero Romeu grouping of Fallas of the maritime. Collaboration on articles of journals fallers: Cendra, Marxa Fallera, the tourist Faller. Collaboration in Llibrets commemoration of the 50 anniversary of the Falla notebooks-Platja, Justo Vilar - market of el Cabañal, wholesale-Moraira-Nazareth. Jury of presentations, adorned streets and Nativity scenes Fallera Central Board, 2002 child Honor Court jury, jury of Fallas in Fallera Central Board since 1995, highlighting its participation as a jury in special children's section for 5 years.

John, belongs to the Virgen del Carmen groups Falla for 44 years, a Commission Faller in the seaside neighborhood of Valencia, Sector Malvarrosa-Cabanal-Betero and belonging to the Group of Fallas of the maritime.

Juan is all a reference of the party of them Fallas, President current of your Commission and with this exercise already are 29 years who holds the Presidency
of the same, in different periods. Holder of Bunyol d'Or i Brillants amb Llorer Fulles awarded by Fallera Central Board in 1996, and
of the insignia of gold of the group in the year 2008.

John has dedicated more than half of life to its Falla groups Virgen del Carmen, has done all that has been possible for it to succeed and they have been able to celebrate the previous year, its 50th anniversary. In the same way, John, not being Valencian of birth, wants and loves the party of Fallas like that more, is one of his greatest passions, and thus proved it amply throughout his extensive career he Faller.

Jury of the Fallera Mayor of Valencia in 2002.

Participant in the past four congresses Falleros, Member of the Commission staff writer of the Bases of the awards Pepe Chiral, with whom he had an exceptional relationship.

Falla commissions that form the grouping of maritime Fallas have made the decision to create "Els Premis Pepe Chiral", with the intention of achieving the following objectives:
to keep in the memory, the trajectory Pepe Chiral Montoro fallera, highlighting the interest which had culture and Valencian values, and its commendable contribution to the world of shortcomings.

b rating to people or groups that have stood by those principles he advocated Chiral, recognized the Fallas world for the defense of culture, language and Valencian traditions.

c transmit through the group, the different values that these prizes are intended.

Winners of the IV Edition Awards PEPE CHIRAL of the grouping of Fallas of the maritime Winners of the IV Edition Awards PEPE CHIRAL of the grouping of Fallas of the maritime Winners of the IV Edition Awards PEPE CHIRAL of the grouping of Fallas of the maritime

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