Winners of the V Edition AWARDS PEPE CHIRAL

In Valencia, on December 19, 2017, met the Jury established for this fourth edition’n and, after valoraci’n of all the aspects covered in the nominations submitted, agrees to grant the V Awards Pepe Chiral Mr. Ximo Martí Francis and Mr. Vicente Manuel Bayarri Bellver.

The Awards Pepe Chiral are presented annually by Agrupaci’n of Fallas of the Seaíthymus, in the act of Exaltaci’n, to those individuals and entities considered to be engaged with the Fallas and traditions of valencia.


Ximo Martí, is fallas of the Fails Barrack-Espadán, a man who has experienced the Fallas since its birth, always belonging to the same Comisi’n, Barrack-Espadán, is part of the same when in it not even existíto the Commission’n Child. From either nor&bath;or, he has always shown a large interés by the world of Fallas, interés that has been increasing with the passage of time.

In its Comisi’n bore’ the office of the President in two stages, from 1991 to 1995 and from 2002 to 2007. The rest of a&bath;os always working for the Fallas, from the position of Vice president of his Falla.

a Man involved in the defense of the culture and traditions of valencia. One of his passions is the Theatre in Valencian Language, having achieved two awards for best actor in a short work on Board Central Fallera and seven awards for best actor in the Agrupaci’n Falla of the Marítimo.

Always contributing her effort to enhance our Feast, so is ace’ in 1995, he was Relations, P&number;public of the Agrupaci’n Falla of the Marítimo, when he was President of the same Pepe Chiral. Más forward, particularly from 1997 to 2001, he was a Delegate of Culture of the Junta Central Fallera, being Vice president of the área, Pepe Chiral. From here it’ work’ to promote the Theatre, the Regional Dances i other areas of the culture of valencia. Afterés, I’ part of the Board of Directors of the Agrupaci’n of Fallas of the Seaíthymus, holding the office of Vice-president 1º, from 2009 to 2015, to be Secretary-General of the Agrupaci’n, Pepe Chiral.

Está en posesi’n mámaximum reward granted by Central Board Fallera, the Bunyol d’'or i Brillants amb Fulles of Llorer. Así same has alsoén the Gold Badge of the Agrupaci’n Falla of the Marítimo and the Gold Badge of Barrack-Espadán.

having said all this it is clear that pasi’re for Fallas and delivery that has been shown to always working for their self-aggrandisement. Apart from all this, he was a great friend of Pepe Chiral and next to él, have always been great advocates of the culture and traditions of valencia.


Vicente Manuel Bayarri Bellver, was born in the a&bath;or 1951 in Bonrep’s i Mirambell, where from a young person already participating, in the festivities of that population’re dedicated to San Vicente Ferrer, Our Is&bathrooms;ora del Pilar and The Immaculate conception.

Your working life is developed in Feria Valencia for 45 to&years, when in 2011 is prejubilado, performance&bath;aba the position of Chief Administrative officer.

In a&bath;or 1982 along with a group of friends participates in the foundation’n of the Commission’re Fails BARRACK-COLUMBRETES.

The first&bath;os, is maintained in a second plane, dedicáturning one of your hobbies, fotografía. In the a&bath;or 1994 he was appointed delegate, and in the a&bath;or 1996 Vice president, a&bath;or following 1997 to assume the Presidency of the Commission’n, in a first stage, up to 2008 (1997-2008). Its second stage as the President picks up in a&bath;or 2012, up to the present, serving as’ 19&years as President of the Commission’n Falla BARRACA-COLUMBRETES.

For the first time in the history of fallas and under his Presidency at a&bath;or 1998 she was named Fallera Mayor Marta Escriv&aggravation; lovely&bath;orita, belonging to Asindown. (Association’S n’severe Down).

In a&bath;or 2000, is granted to the 33 BOAT, d’Or and the Commission’n granted by this recognition decides, unanimously, attaches red sérsela to the President of the Commission’n BARRACK-COLUMBRETES, a position represented by Vicente Bayarri Bellver, for his work, disinterested in pro of the Festival of las Fallas.

As President of the Commission’n Barrack-Columbretes, along with others, form part of the “Commission’n BARQUE d’OR”, ’body that annually grants for 33&bath;os this recognition, and más especially since the death of Alfredo Prats, founder of this reward.

In 2001, and with the occasion of the XX of the Constitution’n of the Falla BLOCK-COLUMBRETES, directs the Organization’re of the Concert to benefit UNICEF “Staff at the Blau” held at the Auditori of Torrent, where the Instructional Center Music THE HARMONIC of Bunyol, interpret’ several topics, among them, the Pasodoble VIÇENT “FISH”, composed by Juan Gonzalo G’mez Deval and dedicated to Vicente Bayarri, work published in 2006, in CD.

Vincent M. Bayarri, not only is the President Falla. He was a member of Jury of choice’n Fallera mayor Infantil and Fallera Major de Valencia, además has the Presidency of the Federaci’n Falla of Repayment.

Works alsoén as a senior office in the Association’n and in the Federation of the Valencian Community of Blood Donors.

Participates in the festivities of the Altar of San Vicente Ferrer, Holiday Tour and collaborates in program fallas radio Veus de Festa Manages the Radio.


Está en posesi’n del Bunyol de Brillants amb Fulles de Llorer, and the Boat, d’Or.
In 1999, under his Presidency, the Falla of Barrack-Columbretes get the BIG Prize, for his humanitarian work.
In the a&bath;or 2014, is granted by the Commission’n of Falla Convento Jerusalen-Matemático Marzal, the Award of the Mérite Fallas.


The Commissions Falla that form the Agrupaci’n Falla Marítimo have taken the decision’re creating “Els Premis Pepe Chiral”, with the year’ll achieve the following objectives: 

to.- Keep this in the memory, the trajectory fallas de Pepe Chiral Montoro, highlighting the interés that teníto by the Culture and values of valencia, and his aportaci’re commendable to the world of the Fallas. 

b.- Appreciate people or groups who have excelled by those principles we defend’to Chiral, recognized in the world fallas for the defense of culture, language and traditions of valencia. 

c. - Transmit to través of the Agrupaci’n, the different values that these awards have as a purpose.

Winners of the V Edition AWARDS PEPE CHIRAL Winners of the V Edition AWARDS PEPE CHIRAL

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