XIIIa cultural conferences fails SAN VICENTE-PERIODISTA AZZATI

Falla San Vicente - Periodista Azzatti


Friday 22 November 2013: opening day

23:00 Hours: Opening of the Conference in charge of our 2013 more Fallera

Rosa Vega Barbena (Fallera greater 2013)

23:10 Hours: talk "the first to... is a pleasure?"

"The first to debate: 2014-classification-competition-costs" with the participation of:

- Francisco Romero Taroncher (President of the Federation's Falla first)
Fallas of the Ribera-Cvto Commission. Santa Clara (Telefónica) of which he was President
- July Fontan (photographer and editor of the magazine currently Fallera). The program NOU stage of Nou Radio contributor
Fallas of the Falla "Clavell" (North-Dr. Zahmenoff)
- Ampa Díaz (component of the team TOTFALLES responsible for photographing all the Fallas of Valencia)
Winner on two occasions of the first in the front, cultural contest organized by the Federation of Fallas first to including in 2014
- Mario Gual del Olmo (artist Falla San Vicente-Periodista Azzati ́14 and Falla L Campanar in special section ́14 ́Antiga)
Moderator: Alicia Ors Ausin (journalist. Radio Nou Radio announcer)
"The pleasure of solidarity": throughout the day we will collect non-perishable food for the needy.

Sunday 24 November 2013: "childhood. WHAT A PLEASURE!"

11:30 hours: hobby shop. "Union M'AGRADARIA m..."

The fallerit@s include us about what more they would like to do in the Falla:
-Drawing, structure, the ninots, the history that you want to count, paint it, ride it...

12:30 hours: signing of the contract of the child Falla.
With the presence of our artist Ma CARMEN CAMACHO OLCINA and our representatives of the Committee on child ANA MONTEALEGRE PALAU (2013 child's biggest Faller) and CHRISTIAN TRENADO GARRIDO (child President, 2014).

13:00 hours: visit to the exhibition of scale models of the Federation of Fallas from first to

14:00 hours: meal of "sobaquillo" 15:30 hours: cinema.
"The pleasure of being SOLIDARIO": throughout the morning will collect non-perishable food for the needy.

Monday 25 November 2013: day closing

20:00 Hours: Presentation of the sketch child San Vicente-Periodista Azzati ́14


Under the slogan: "M ́Agradaria..."

20:10 Hours: presentation of the sketch and model San Vicente-Periodista Azzati ́14


Under the slogan: "El Plaer"

20:20 Hours: round table "LES FALLES are a PLAER: ways of living la Festa"

With the participation of:
- Sandra Muñoz (Fallera Mayor of Valencia 2012. Faller of the Commission Carcagente-Jerónimo Muñoz)
Colaboradaora in the tertulia "Them" of the program people's Fallas of Onda Cero
- Patricia Borrego (President of the Commission Plaza de la Merced) Court of Honor of the Fallera Mayor of Valencia 2001
- José Lafarga (artist Fallas de la Commission San Vicente-Periodista Azzati 2008, winner of the first prize section first to)
2nd prize section special 2009 in the Falla del Pilar and 3ø award special section 2013 in the Falla Sueca-Literato Azorín
Ninot Indultat 1996
Artist of the Swedish Literarto Azorín 2014 Falla in special section
- Ferrán Martinez Faller of chronicler Beguer-José Esteve de Torrent
Collaborator of the NOU NOU RADIO stage program
-Moderator: Manuel Andrés Zarapico (Todofallero)
Faller, failed screenwriter, Actor of Falla Theatre, poet, editor of Actualidad Fallera, organizer of soirees and Falla cotarros.

21:50:00: Wine of Honor and closing.
"The pleasure of solidarity": completion of the collection of non-perishable food for the needy.
Note: The organisation reserves the modification of the schedules of the events planned or those participating in the talk or the round table that may occur for reasons beyond the same or a better development of the Conference.

Home Author: Carmen Verdeguer Baixauli

XIIIa cultural conferences fails SAN VICENTE-PERIODISTA AZZATI

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