The mascletà

You have not seen anything like it.


The mascletà is explosion of masclets (high-powered firecrackers) continuous creating a rhythmic sound show

But defining a mascletà is impossible. The only way to get to understand it is to see one in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia

The mascletà starts smoothly and rhythm and noise are rising up to a incredible end. The masclets are connected by rope wick and hung at a height of about 2 meters. They begin to operate and is a non-stop pace from start to finish.

With the final earthquake, the ground begins to shake beneath our feet and we feel an unforgettable sensation.

Finally, when finished, everyone comes to cheer the fireworks. At that time the smell of gunpowder is a wonderful aroma

The mascletà is the only art we perceive through the five senses.

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