Top 10 Ninots Infantils chosen by a child

&are you;once you have asked as’an, the results of the Ninot Indultat Child if only they would vote the ni&bath;os?

here’n you have the choice’n of a&bath;or 6 to&years between all of the ninots of the Exhibit’n 2018.

1. Falla Recorder Esteve-Cirirlo Love’s. Artist: Xavier Gámez

Xavier Gámez

2 - Falla City of the Artist Fallero. Artist: Sara Sanz

Sara Sanz

3 - Falla Lepanto-Guillem de Castro. Artist: David San Ruperto

David St. Rupert

4 - Falla Kingdom of Valencia-Ciscar. Artist: Marina Puche

Marina Puche

5 - Falla Fray Pedro Vives-Bilbao-Maximiliano Thous. Artist: Carlos Herrero

Carlos Herrero

6 - Falla Plaza del Pilar. Artist: Ceballos & Sanabria

Ceballos & Sanabria</strong></p>

7 - Falla Preserves-Berenguer Mallol. Artist: Pepo Jarauta

Pepo Jarauta

8 - Falla John Baptist Vives-Salvador Ferrandis Luna. Artist: Rubén Arcs

Rubén Bows

9 - Falla Neighborhood Beter’. Artist: Sergio G’mez

Sergio G’mez

10 - Falla Pier-Historian Beth’. Artist: Jorge Navarro

Jorge Navarro

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