What to see in Fallas

No te pierdas nada.

In this guide we explain in summary, everything that you can not miss if you are in Valencia during Fallas week

The week of Fallas is short but intense, so you will see and will enjoy many different things in just 5 days

With these recommendations you can say you’ve seen the most important things of the fallas.

From March 1st to 19th, you can attend the mascletà every day at 14:00 in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia. If you want to get a seat in the front row, we recommend being there one or two houres before. See it from the front row is worth, and if we have to be waiting almost 2 hours to see mascletà 8 minutes you will not regret. If it’s hot that day, we recommend you bring a hat and water.

You also can not miss the fallas that have obtained the first prize in the special section, both children and large. As mínimmo we recommend you see the first 5 or 6, but that depends on the time you have. You can not fail to surprise, and probably will not agree with the jury. You would have taken the first prize to another.

To enjoy a good Paella, we recommend that you do it in the Malvarrosa beach. In fine day, you can take a walk along the beach. After eating you can go to the neighborhoods of Maritime, and visit some fallas of Special and 1 A Sections

On 17 and 18 March, you can attend “La Ofrenda” (the Offering). From 16:00 until 0:00 pm and about, all commissions are directed to the Plaza de la Virgen, for the offering of flowers to the Virgen de los Desamparados (Virgin of the Helpless). Possibly one of the most emotional events of the fallas, and you can see the passion and devotion felt by Valencia for his virgin..

On March 18 at 1:00 pm you can not miss the “Nit del Foc” in the riverbed.

On 19 at 22:00 burn child fallas and the large fallas at 0:00. The winner of Special burns at 0:30 and at 1:00 Hall. We recommend that you go to see the burn of a falla that has not won one of the top prizes, because there will be fewer people and you live closer then. Closely feel the heat of the fire, and where you want to go back a little..

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